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A Letter from the Editor

The premier issue of the Fong Bee Online was met with critical acclaim following the big party we had for Mom in June. With this second issue, the new online medium is gaining popularity and momentum. To think that someone in China can browse and see a picture that Dana drew for Ye Ye yesterday is truly remarkable. The world is indeed getting smaller.

A new issue will be created about every three months, or whenever there is enough critical mass to close out the current issue and create a new one. So,support the Cause and keep your contributions coming. Air time is free, and I know most of you cannot pass up the opportunity for self-promotion.

Ted Fong,


Interwoven News!

Interwoven to go public this week. Click here to down load the S1 filing. 1 MB PDF file requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. Allow 10 minutes to down load.


What did you
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Maxwell's Art Gallery
Late Breaking
Cutie Pie Appears in Local Paper

This is Sarah's square that Uncle Teddy forgot to put in the Fong Bee at Yin Yin's Party. Great job, Sarah!