Element Number 110 Discovered!

Fongonium ...
now sitting at the head
of the Periodic Table

(FPI) Sacramento, CA. On Friday, June 18, Doctor Lou James Fong, a leading bio-physical researcher at the Fong Institute of Organo-Bio Chemical Research and Devlopment, accidentally discovered the long awaited element number 110, which has evaded scientific discovery for decades. After affirming his discovery with leading researchers at Stanford, Berkeley, and FIT, Fong announced his discovery of Fongonium to the world at a special press conference in Geneva, Switzerland.

Fongonium is a radioactive isotope with an oxidation number of -8 and a high degree of biaxial symmetry along its vertical axis with respect to its sp and d3 orbitals. Its atomic weight is 388.7 grams per mole and has a nucleus containing 110 protons and 73 neutrons with a subatomic mass energy of 73.2 ergs per mole. A characteristic peculiar to Fongonium is its high intensity monolithic valence state which allows it to create a dipole-monopole electronic bonding discharge refraction system shift betweeen itself and surrounding proto nucleophilic alpha particles. Other features of Fongonium include an ionic radius of .0353 angstroms and a free energy of formation of 16.85 kilocalories per mole at 25 degrees celcius and 1 atmosphere of pressure. Authorities at FIOBCRD say that Fongonium may take years to develop commercially due to the evasiveness of Fongonium's nuclear containment fragmentation pattern. Fong, a former Nobel Laureate, credits his immense success in the field of theoretical bio-physical research to his mother who forced hime to take piano lessons at the age of 7.