By James Fong, CPB, ESM, MBC and Licensed ABC

If you have some spare cash around that you don't need for a few months and want to earn a guaranteed $300 plus 4% interest here is what you do. Open online brokerage accounts at (like the discover credit card) and with a $2000 deposit for 8-10 weeks you will earn 4% interest plus a $75 bonus. You can then immediately close the account afterwards. Doesn't sound like a windfall, but if you open an account for yourself, your spouse, and each of your two kids it comes out to $300. It takes only 15 minutes to open each account in the comfort of your own living room. So for one hour of online application filling out, you get $300 more than you normally would in a bank account or CD. Not bad. Hurry though, printed out and signed applications must be postmarked by August 31.

E also has the same offer, but no custodial accounts for kids. Minmium deposit is only $1000. That's another $150 for a total of $450. That's good money! Do it today!

Get Your Free Half Bike

Do you like to ride bikes, but get tired of pedaling, especially up hills? Have you always wanted an electric bicycle but did not want to pay a lot of money for it? Now you can get one for as little as $300. Here's the deal. The Sacramento air quality district is promoting electric vehicles and will rebate one half of your purchase price up to a maximum of $500. If you are interested, look up for more info. You can get info on the bikes available and the rebate program. Lizzzie just bought me the dual speed dx mountain bike model for my upcoming 40th birthday via Joefong, a resident of Sacramento. It is a $350 mountain bike with a $450 electric motor attached to it for half price. He says it rides very well. I also tried out the single speed sx cruiser model at a bike shop today. It was very nice too. If your interested, check out the website and give me a call for more info.