Denise -

You can bring in a birthday cake. I suggest you make a huge sandwich disguised as a birthday cake. Get those big round 12" diameter french breads, Slice it in half horizontally, Put ham, turkey, cheese, and salami in the middle, write happy birthday willie boy on it, slap a few candles on and those bag checker dudes will never know what hit them. You should be able to bake cans of drinks into a cake too. On "the little rascals" they baked a shoe into a cake. So what if you walk into the waterpark with fifteen cakes for twenty people? Just tell the guy, "we like to eat cake." They'll never know.

The Fong Camp Diary
Day 2
Dear Cyberparents -

Yesterday the kids had their first day of zoo camp. They all got up in time, ate breakfast, and even had enough time to play in the playground across the street for 15 minutes before we left. The all had a good day at zoo camp and like it. Afterwards we went for a bike ride ate pizza for dinner, then saw the new inspector gadget movie. Then they all packed their own lunch (they are getting good at it), ate some french fries and went to sleep.

Today the kids woke up early again and had another good day at zoo camp. Afterwards they played across the street in the park. Valerie has been asking for weeks now to sell lemonade so seeing quite a few kids at the park, we finally made some freshly squeezed lemonade and set up a little table to sell lemonade and some snacks. They sold about 40 cups of lemonade thanks to a clever marketing scheme. (Here, have a dime to go and buy lemonade and our kid's lemonade stand. It's like drugs...the first one is free.)

We also went ice skating and watched the big guys play hockey tonight. The kids are doing very well. The play well together and enjoy each other's far. All the girls sleep in the same big tent that we have in our back yard and they talk and laugh and giggle a little bit before going to sleep. They sing a lot together too. They are very good too. They do what they are told and are ready to go when it's time. No one is wretched....yet.

Fong Camp is a lot of work, but is definitely a worthy cause. I would recommend it for all of you guys if you want to do something different with a little bit of your vacation time. This year's Fong Camp 99 slogan is: Be a Bee! Be a Bee!