Dear Waterdogg -

You are by far the biggest bee of them all. The other day as we gathered in the Jack London parking lot after watching Inspector Gadget Sam put on one of his real serious faces and said to me, "Dad, I wish I could be a real Fong Camp camper."

The Fong Camp Diary
Day 4

Dear Cyberparents -

Yesterday the Fong Campers had another good day at zoo camp. There were two kaidoys that climbed over a fence and got into big trouble,but fortunately they were none of ours. After zoo camp we embarked on an epic journey to and thru San Francisco. We took the ferry boat from Alameda to San Francisco with a stop at Jack London Square in Oakland to pick up passengers.

Upon arrival in San Francisco, we embarked on "The Long March." With twelve kids , four adults, a stroller, and a long rope to keep the kids together we walked to the fishing pier near the boat landing and saw them catch a whole bunch of crabs and fish. Then we walked to McDonald's in the heart of the financial district. After a very happy meal, we marched up Sacramento Street to "Chinese Playground" on top of Portsmouth Square. After playing at the playground for 45 minutes we trekked down the hill, past the transamerica pyramid, and back to the ferry boat landing for a starlight cruise back to alameda.

The weather was rather warm for San Francisco and it was an excellent evening. After a shower, packing their lunches, a yogurt snack, another puppet show, and a final round of laughing and giggling, the campers fell asleep in their tents. Fong Camp is almost over and the campers are still having a nice time and behaving well. One last day to go after today. See you all at the Antioch Waterpark.