JoeFong Joins Fong-Fong

(FPI) Sacramento, CA. It's official. JoeFong is now a member of the Soon Yuen Benevolent Association, commonly known as the Fong-Fong Association. JoeFong attended his first Association meeting on Friday June 4 at 7 PM. Before the meeting was the standard pre-meeting Chinese dinner at the Lu Shan Chinese Restaurant. It was your typical Chinese dinner consisting of salt fish over steam pork, nau nam, asparagus beef, but no fish lips. All in all, it was a very good dinner paid for by the Association.

Yuk Fong and his cigar-chomping protege

According to Fong's uncle Yuk, membership is on a yearly basis and includes a pension and 1 pound of roast pork. "Fire crackers and fish lips are not included with the membership anymore due to legal issues" says Yuk. Fong is to attend 5 meetings before he becomes an officer, then he will be eligible for travel reimbursements for each meeting attended afterwards. Fong was also nominated to sit on an exploratory committee to research the benefits of purchasing and implementing a computer, and to explore giving the Association tax exempt status.

Though Fong does not speak or understand the Chinese language, he is able to understand the general concepts and ideas of what is being discussed by reading the English agenda, asking the person next to him, or by faking it. "It was a very interesting first meeting with more to come" said Fong. His next accomplishment is to learn how to sign his name (pronounced Fong Sik Him, which means "humble") in Chinese so that Fong's Uncle Yuk doesn't have to do it for him. "Signing in is very important. It gives you the right to vote at the meetings" says Fong. "It's an honor to carry on the William Fong family name in the Association. It will also help me understand the Chinese language a little better. Jay Sing Song would be proud."