Fongs Visit Famous Landmark

Marielle, Nina, Maxwell, and Ted
pay homage to a once popular nightspot.

For three decades, the "Incident at Fresh Pond" has taken on a legendary status in the Fong Family. Located half way between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe on Highway 50, the once famous restaurant is nothing but a faded sign in an empty lot. Everything else is gone. It was the favorite hangout of the Fong kids and other weary travelers making their way to Lake Tahoe.

On a typical Friday night, you could find Ruby Fong and her eight kids piled into the family station wagon. With impeccable timing, six year old JoeFong would start whining exactly a half miles from Fresh Pond, "I'm thirsty, Mom." Ruby's automatic reply was, "Then drink your water!" JoeFong then issued his real request, "But I'm thirsty for soda." All at once the other Fongs would rise from their sleep and demand something totally counter to their mother's dietary regulations. Invariably, Ruby would slow down and pull into the drive way of the Fresh Pond.

No one will ever forget the night the Fongs pulled away from the night spot, leaving one of their own behind. It wasn't until thirty miles down the highway that anyone realized young Jamie was missing. All the while they thought he was hiding under the back seat. But in the chaos, no one knew. The story has a happy ending. Today, the boy who was orphaned along the highway was eventually reunited with his family and grew up to be normal in every way.