How to Get Your Own Phone Number

by James Fong

I'm no Chinese philosopher, but I do know something about the Yin and the Yang. When there is a crisis, there is also opportunity. So when I read about the "running out of telephone numbers crisis," I thought to myself," This is a big crisis. Not enough telephone numbers. More new area codes. What's the opportunity?"

So, I thought and thought and finally found it. I've always wanted to be reunited with my old telephone number that ended in FONG (3664) and with new area codes coming to town this would be the opportunity. But being the type of person who is too impatient to wait for his "ship to come in," I decided not to wait for the new area code ship to come in but instead "swim out to the ship."

I called the operator and asked if there were any phone numbers that ended in 3664 that I could have. I had done this six years ago, but they were all taken. And surprisingly enough 523-3664 was available! So I snatched it up and effective June 3, our new telephone number will be 523-FONG!

We now join the ranks of Doug and Paula Fong, the cabin, and JoeFong's cell phone to have the FONG ending. And just by coincidence, if you forget our number, it's easy to remember. Just remember KAiDoy FONG (KADFONG).

Now is the opportunity for all Fongs to call their local telephone company and switch their phone number to something that ends with FONG. If it is not available now, as soon as the next new area code overly goes into effect there will be several new FONG phone numbers available. Hurry before the crisis gets worse.