Sacramento, where the
Fongs run barefoot down the street,
Where the grass is green, the sidewalk's clean,
What a great place for every kid to meet.

This is our house, where neighbors see a
Circus tearing up the lawn,
With the football fights, the things that fly,
They'll be happy when the kids are gone.

It's dinner, and mother rings the bell,
If you miss it, oh well, oh well, oh well,
The food is grand, in big old pots and pans,
We're living in a good old house,
In a fine town Sacramento's okay.

Sacramento, at a
At a place near Warren Avenue,
Where the neighbors know, the backyard show
Of the follies musical review,

This is a time, when Ruby knows her
Life is not a fairy tale,
All the growing pains and the Freddie Haines
How come no one ever went to jail?

The father would always come home late,
His children would greet him at the gate,
How could he know, what Ruby did not show,
She always made a good ol' house,
In a fine town Sacramento's okay.

I Am Seventy

I am sixty-nine, going on seventy,
A senior and totally free,
Call me a Granny, a Yin Yin, a Popo,
Or simply, Ruby Marie.

When you're seventy, people will listen,
To your authority,
I send them to China, my lectures are kinda,
Rigid but guaranteed.

How could this all be possible,
Without my old man Will,
With forty five years of nuptials
And he still pays the bills,

One girl, seven sons, fifteen grand kids,
That's one heck of a run, oh,
I am sixty-nine going on seventy,
Life has just begun.

Eat all your fruits and vegetables,
And chase it with dou jiang,
Go to the Chinese opera,
The next time they're in town,

Life is grander when you're older,
Take it from me, my friends, oh,
I am sixty-nine, going on seventy,
I feel like twenty again.