New Generation of Fongs Hit the Snow

Another high-speed run on the "Mira Lei."

Uncle Curtis and Gordon look into Uncle Teddy's igloo.

Fong Bee gripped by raw fear and excitement.

Gordon and Maxwell in the meat grinder

Kaidoys guard the igloo.

Celebrating Makenzie's fourth birthday.

March 1999 - Who can foget the days Ruby packed her eight kids in the Chevy station wagon and headed for Lake Tahoe? It took strength and courage to haul eight kids with skis, boots, and sleds.

Today, that tradition lives on. Ruby's adventures inspire another generation of Fongs to hit the ski slopes and barrel down the water tank in Mira's blue boat.

The occasional wipe out won't deter these fearless squirts from their dangerous stunts. "No pain, no fun," says David Fong who defiantly sticks his tongue out before every downhill run.

"I'm lighter than air," shouts Mawell Fong who throws his body down the side of the water tank to entertain his cousins. Later he suffers a spectacular wipeout with Gordon. Their sled reaches terminal velocity and then flips end over end several time. Maxwell serves as Gordon's airbag, taking the brunt of the impact. His dad captures the most critical moment on film. It ain't pretty. This accident gives a new meaning to road rash, or should we say snow rash.

How many Fongs can you jam into Mira's blue boat? How many you got? There are no limits here. That and common sense never made it to this altitude.