From Jimmie and Mary Yee

Ruby's husband is Dr William Fong. He was very active in his professional organization so whenever they were at a social gathering it was always -this is Dr. Fong's wife - Ruby. Now, with Ruby being so involved in the U.S.-China Friendship Association - It is - meet Ruby's husband, Dr. William Fong. How times have changed. This ruffles his feathers a little bit! Ruby finally gets to do her own thing after putting her own life and interests on hold for so many years. Have fun doing whatever you're doing now, Ruby. I know you'll be there when your family needs you. May you have many, many more birthdays!!!

From Carl and Rose Fong

Ruby, William, Carl & Rose with other doctors visited China in 78. It was the first visit to the motherland for many. Ruby fell in love with China and above all with the Friendship Store. She would dash there as soon as the bus stopped ignoring any cultural lecture organized. When we returned to Sacramento she enrolled all her friends and relatives to Professor Huang's Mandarin class at City College. Ruby was the star student. She started with a clean plate with good Mandarin accent not encumbered by Cantonese accent.

From Henry Go

In the cookie dough of the Fong Family, Ruby is the chocolae chip, adding grace and love of the humanities.

From William Joseph Fong

Happpy Birthday, Yin Yin!

From Maybelle Whang

Ruby had eight children of her own. But she found the time, energy, and heart to be Mom #2 to my three children. Who else would pile her children, plus mine, into her station wagon for weekends at their Tahoe home? Who else would have the patience to teach them how to ski, and introduce them to opera, and include them at meal times? And who else was the first to be there in an emergency? What a truly remarkable person.

From Janice Shintaku

Music was always important to Auntie and she definitely passed her passion on to the next generation, including her own children, nieces and nephews. Whether it was dancing around her living room to Hawaiian music, or going to the Fong kid's concerts, signing us all up to be in the King and I or attending all of Kennady High's school musicals, she was always encouraging the musician in all of us. There probably isn't another extended family around who can boast that all 27 grand kids can play the piano!

From Gordon Fong

Happy Birthday, Yin Yin!

From Kitty Woo

Aunty Ruby, you can't be 70! Can't be. I still remember when you left for Smith College and I wouldn't look at you because I was mad and sad at the same time. You've been the strongest female figure in my life along with Popo. Your skills as a Mom continue to influence me. Intelligence, strength, wisdom, and patience - you have it all. Happy 70th from your 52 yr. old niece

Love Kitty

From Paul and Virginia Mueller
Our memory of Ruby playing Cupid... Dong Mei and her husband Alex had not seen each other in about a year while she studied computer science at CSUS. When Alex came to Sacramento with a delegation from Jinan, China, Ruby thoughtfully arranged the group's schedule so that the happy couple could spend a night together at the Fong's home. It's typical of her to think of everything.

From Gail Nakano

From Sandra Ichiho

She was always a real trooper of a mom. Packing her eight kids into the 'ol gold stationwagon, to head up to Tahoe for the weekend or summer vacation. Whether Uncle William went or not, she was always the one behind the steering wheel driving up the curvy mountainous road. Auntie was always so gracious to invite our family of six kids to join them. Who in their right mind would want to spend a relaxing weekend or sometimes a whole week with fourteen kai dois? One time while in Tahoe, Auntie took us to the movie theatre to see 2001: A Space Odyssey. She told us that when we got to the ticket booth, we all needed to start jumping around excitedly so the man wouldn't be able to count how many kids were there.

From Dan Gorfain

My friendship with Ruby began on a "motherly" note in 1987. While touring China with the Sacramento Youth Symphony, I questioned a decision of hers. She commanded me, in no uncertain terms, to "SIT DOWN." From that point on, I knew my place and we became good friends. Our friendship has flourished with our strong common interest in children and the arts. I have come to know that "Ruby, there is only one!" Joan and I wish you, Ruby, a happy 70th birthday and many happy returns.

Dan Gorfain

From Sheree Orsi

When I moved to Sacramento 18 years ago, my dad insisted I call my first cousin Ruby. She had always been an enigma to me; who was this long distance cousin who had EIGHT children my age?! I didn't know what to expect, but I found a charming woman who had great command of her home and family. How did she manage this? From my observation it was her strong faith in God, her skill in simplifying, good organization, and last but not least her great sense of humor.

From Maxwell Fong

From Ben Fukutome

Ruby has a guardian angel following her everywhere. I can recall vividly, during our visit to Boston several years ago, a trip to Chinatown for dinner. Ruby wanted to ride the subway instead of a cab, something she would not hesitate to do if she were in China. Contrary to good judgement, I agreed. When the train stopped at our destination, only three people exited - a Chinese college student, Ruby and me. The streets were dark, and I knew this was no place to venture at night. When we arrived at the restaurant, the proprietor, sensing we were out-of-towners, asked how we got there. Even he was surprised when he found out. After dinner, he immediately called a cab for us. Ruby still wanted to take the subway back to the hotel. This is just one example of Ruby's determination.

From Gon Chan

My recollection of Ruby dates back 25 years ago when my mother (Ruby's mother-in-law) returned from China on a visit to her sister that she had not seen in 50 years. Shortly after, Mom suffered a stroke whcih incapacitated here. Being from a large family, we all had our shift to care for her. I had the morning shift. Ruby never failed to show up after sending all eight children off to school. Between Ruby and me, we were able to get Mom out of bed, bathe her, feed her breakfast, and exercise her arms and legs. Indeed, Mom was fortunate to have a daughter-in-law that gave her the love and attention during her illness.

Ruby is a very special person who single-handedly raised one daughter and seven sons. I remember hearing her yell at the boys, "You will end up in the Sing Sing institution someday if you misbehave." How wrong she was. They grew up to be caring and loving, like their mother.

Every Chinese New Years, I would hear people say, "My mother makes the best da-da-da for New Years." But in our family, we would say, "Aunty Ruby makes the best jai for New Years. It's delicious."

Ruby, you are truly a very special person. My brother is fortunate to have a wife that is compassionate and caring. Happy Birthday, Ruby.

From Bob Arellanes

A few days before Christmans 1984, a total stranger walked in my office and said, "Isn't it about time this univeristy developed ties with China?" In a holiday mood, I encouraged the soliloquy to continue and learned that this was Ruby Fong. Active in U.S.-China matters, she went on to tell me how Sac State should proceed. One thing led to another, and now we have a diversified University to China and Jinan academic relationship and a successful Sister Cities link with Jinan. Incidentally, I recently entered my second cycle as President of the Jinan Sacramento Sister Cities Corporation as well.

From Molly Kimura

I met Ruby over 35 years. During the days she was busy raising her eight children, I often brought her Sushi, her favorite food. I would see all her little ones running all over the house. For the longest time, I couldn't recognize one from the other. For instance, I thought I was talking to Curtis and it turned out to be Douglas. I've always admired Ruby's energies, strengths, and love and devotion for all her children and grandchildren. Through her kind effort, I was able to visit China four times. I hope she can continue to celebrate more happy birthdays with her wonderful husband, Dr. William, children, and grandchildren.

From Tuey Lowe

As I think back over the 45 years since Ruby joined our family, there is so much to remember and appreciate about her. We had few encounters for the first few years, since she was busy raising her family and I was busy working. However, when Diane was 10 months old, Ruby offered to take care of her while I went back to work. I can remember thinking to myself, "How can she even think of taking in another baby when she still had Teddy her youngest in kindergarten?" But take her in she did - willingly and without reservation. I am grateful that Diane was "adopted" into Ruby's family. She received loving care and learned valuable survival techniques from living with all those boys.
I can remember and appreciate Ruby performing much like a real daughter as she devoted much time and effort caring for Mom in her last few years. Ruby has been a dedicated and dutiful wife to brother William and has some how managed to raise all those kids virtually by herself. She has mothered a remarkable family of which she can be very proud.

In recent years, Al and I joined in some of the family ventures, and we almost feel like we too have been adopted into the family. Needless to say, we have enjoyed every crazy minute.

Ruby has also been for us a great tour leader and traveling companion. We think back fondly on the trips we shared together.

Happy 70th Birthday, Ruby! Thank you for being the wonderful person that you are. Thank you for being the best sister-in-law that anyone could ask for. may God continue to bless you and your family in the years to come. We love you!

From Lorna Lo

Ruby and I go back to 1947, when we were accepted into Te Chih Sheh, a Chinese sorority at the University of Hawaii. After years of fun and games with other fraternities and sororities, we all grew up and went our various ways.

In June 1952, I chose Ruby to be my only attendant at my wedding to Richard Lo. Ruby was attending Smith College and the wedding was held at Madison Presbyterian Church in New York City. We were not frequent correspondents, but kept in touch whenever we traveled to and from Honolulu and California.

I remember visiting Ruby when her twins were born. This was in another Sacramento home. She and I were having coffee and smoking (we're now ex-smokers) and the older children knew not to bother Mom while she was taking her coffee and smoking break.

Years later we took our five children to her Truckee home to ski. Since she and William had eight children by then, she had no trouble outfitting the entire Lo family for winter sports.

In 1998 a few of the Te Chih Sheh "sisters" had a reunion in Sacramento at Ruby's home. It was like a slumber party with cooking, eating Hawaiian foods, gossiping, recalling days past, laughing, and best of all having the memories to keep for the past fifty years. Happy Birthday Ruby. Aloha and much love,

Lorna Lo

From Ruth Loveless

I first saw Ruby at the butcher shop and was surprised when she approached me, introduced herself, and asked if it would be all right with me for our teenage daughter, Jean, to baby sit for her. Ruby seemed so young to have a baby! When she said she had six children I thought my hearing was off.

Jean found the six cherubs to be lively but wonderful and to reflect Ruby's love and care. She treated each child as "special." Ruby, herself, became a marvelous role model for Jean who often told me just how easily Ruby could solve many of her problems. Jean and I both benefitted a great deal from knowing Ruby and being exposed to her know-how and charm.

From Margaret King

What a brainstrom my cousin, Kam Ngo, must have had when she engineered the meeting of Ruby and William in my apartment many years ago in New York City. The two didn't waste any time producing a family of eight. As you are attending this party, you can see the beautiful results. A job well done!

From Sidney and Glenn Pope

It has been our good fortune to know Ruby, a delightful and gracious lady. We deeply appreciate her friendship and for getting Sidney involved with the U.S. China Friendship Association. This afforded us the opportunity to participate in interesting and informative events, including a visit to China. We are very sorry we are unable to join with you in the celebration of her 70th birthday. We know she will have many happy and productive years to come.

From Maryl Gray

We had attended many US-China conventions together; and I always thought of her as very low key–sort of in the background on controversial matters. But this time almost the whole conference wanted the same poor candidate to win. That night, Ruby stayed up all night talking to 2 or 3 delegates at a time. The next day when the votes were counted, we won. You should have seen the surprised looks on everyone’s face–each thought he/she was the only one who had change his vote!

From Jennie Chow

Ruby invented the term "conservation" when her children were growing up. I remember her scooting around on her stool with wheels to save wear and tear on her feet. Her laundry went directly into baskets, unfolded. The kids would rummage through to find the article they needed. It sure conserved time. What a super mom she is. She should write a book on child rearing.

From Estelle Lee

In 1974 my father, Yuen Su Wong, died and left me three historical letters written to him by Dr. Sun Yat Sen regarding the revolution of 1911. He had left me no instructions. Years went by. Finally in 1982, I turned to my good friend, Ruby, who I knew had the right connection and influence. She introduced me to Professor Ye Feisheng and Hu Hongjun, visiting scholars in Berkeley. My mission was quickly accomplished. Because of her effort, the letters are now in the Beijing Museum of the Chinese Revolution.

From Donna Hwang

Twenty years ago, a petite, energetic, and soft-spoken lady come to ask me for permission to visit my Mandarin class at Sacramento City College. She was Ruby. Ruby later became one of my best students and a dear friend.

Ruby seemed to have boundless energy and plenty of time for class assignments and her friends. I was astonished when I learned for the first time she had eight children. I could not imagine how anyone in her shoes could always be so calm and manage to do so much and so well. Ruby, you are truly amazing. Have a very Happy Birthday!

From Alfred Yee

When Ruby was accepted for enrollment at Smith College, our dad refused to support her financially. The reason he gave was that such an expensive education would be wasted, because when she graduates, she will get married, raise a family of many children, and never utilize her education. As it turned out, she did go to Smith College, got married, raised a family of eight children and never utilized her "education."