Honolulu Advertiser Runs Fong Tour Story

Veteran journalist Bob Krauss sat down with spin doctor Jamie Fong to get the inside story on Fong Tour 2000. The article ran in the Honolulu Advertiser on Sunday, June 16, 2000.
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The Preparations Begin

Fong Tour 2000 Takes Hawaii by Storm

Lured by the pungent smell of cuttlefish and kakimochi, the Fong Club is heading to the islands of Hawaii. Following the July 4th weekend, 55 mainlanders will hop on a chartered plane and fly to the homeland of martriarch Ruby Fong. "I'd like to think they are doing this in my honor, but they have their ulterior motives."

Hawaii Bound - Fong Kids Can't Sleep

She's only three, and she stays up way past her bedtime. What has the buildup to Hawaii done to our youngest generation?