They tried to mail themselves to Hawaii

Generation Z Loses Sleep

With promises of unlimited playtime with her cousins, crackseed in the wee hours of the morning, and more hula dresses than there are days in a month, little Nina Fong just won't go down. Not at 8 o'clock. Not at 9 o'clock. Not at 10 o'clock. The little girl is wired for 220. That's A.M.

Other Fong parents report the same restlessness in their homes. With sixteen cousins ready to converge on SFO on July 5, the air is supercharged with good vibes. "I want to see all my cousins," says 5-year old Makenzie Fong. "Let's see, I have to bring my snorkel, swim fins, underwater camera, and aqua shoes." Luckily there are thirty adults on this trip, and most of them do not require supervision.

What about the effects of sleep loss? Resident physician William Fong says not to worry. "Chinese kids have tremendous resilience. Sure, they'll be wretched for awhile, but they'll recover."