Hawaii Offers Superb Delicacies

"This is the only place where Costco sells cuttlefish in the five-pound bags," says life-long addict Randy Fong. His brother JoeFong sees a higher purpose in the trip. "It's all about family roots. If you want your kids to retain their crackseed heritage, this is the place."

The Fongs' Hawiian relatives are a bit perplex by the collosal effort their mainland counterparts have invested in this trip. Professor-turned-duck-farmer Daniel K. Yee makes his point, "Can you imaging fifty Hawiians like us chartering a DC-10 just to go to Oakland, California? Would nevaw happen," says Yee in his native drawl.

A Journey Inspired by Doug

The Fongs and their extended family are taking over the top two floors of the Outrigger Hotel in Waikiki. The days will be long, and the nights will be longer. They even rented couple of trolleys to shuttle them around the island. After a few days of shave-ice and the real wet-kine mui, the Fong grand children will be primed to put on a show at Uncle Al Yees House. They will sing some old Hawaiin favorites like Hukilau and Little Grass Shack. Stay tuned for continuing coverage of Fong Tour 2000.