See You in Hawaii!

Last Minute Travel Tips for Fong Tour 2000

  1. Will the first person to arrive at the airport check in counter on Wednesday morning please inform them that you are with Suntrips Group #G0483677 (this number is on your Phone number and address list in the itinerary.) Reservation is under Lou James Fong. We have already requested that all of our seats be in the very back of the plane. Insist that they do this for us if they say no. Turn on your walkie talkie when you get to the airport in case we need to locate you.

  2. Wash your official Fong Tour 2000 T-shirt before wearing. It will shrink, soften up, and feel more comfy. Unwashed is good too, though.

  3. Bring a small Igloo cooler or one of those soft coolers that we brought to Florida. You can pack cold drinks and snacks to take to the beach.

  4. Rember to bring your walkie talkies and chargers. Charge it now before you go.

  5. Remember to bring your Entertainment Card.

  6. For the kids - peelau behavior will not be tolerated.