Watch Ted and Marielle's Holiday Movie
Directed by JoeFong, this music video delivers high-tech Christmas cheer. Join Ted, Marielle, Maxwell, Nina and Mario as they take a stroll though J Street Mall. Enjoy the sights and sounds.

Mario Turns One
Mario is turning ONE, and we're going to the Scharffen Berger Chocolate Factory in Berkeley. It's a special Fong Club Group Tour followed by dinner at Mario's house.

Fong Clan Serves Up Food and Music on S.F. Bay
On October 7, 2001, one hundred relatives and friends toured San Francisco Bay on a specially chartered boat. The four-hour cruise was set against picture perfect scenery and the weather was great. The Hula Bees and their musical guests performed to a delighted audience.

William Fong Averts Dung Gua Disaster
It was a close call. 125 pounds of William Fong's prized melons came crashing down over Labor Day weekend. But some quick reflexes and clever engineering work saved the crop.

Fong Camp 2001 Begins
Once again, the Fong cousins met in Alameda for a week of Fong Camp. The program included a treasure hunt, Zoo Camp, arts and crafts, and choir practice. For the first time ever, they're singing in three-part harmony. Read all about the fun and excitement.

German War Camp Returns
Gone are the days at Lake Tahoe when little Fongs ran into the closets and hid under the beds in game called German War Camp. But a modern version played out at Mira's house proved to be just as fun.

Adventures in Turkey
In early March, Ted, Maya and Mario explored their roots in the former Ottoman Empire. Not really, but they had a great time and filed this report on the many treasures they discovered. Follow their seven-day journey through words and pictures.

Teddy Mario Gets Christened
The baby brother of Maxwell and Nina Fong turned Catholic as a handful of relatives watched on. The priest poured water and oil on Teddy Mario's forehead, triggering a blood curdling scream. New pictures available!

Fong Clan Calendar Hot off the Press
After a one-year hiatus the Fong Calendar is back in business. See your favorite pictures from the Year 2000. Order your printed version, and don't miss another important birthday or anniversary.

Fong Tour 2000 Analysis and Commentary
By all accounts Fong Tour 2000 will be remembered as one of the greatest family reunions of all time. Great food, music, accomodations, entertainment, beaches, and more. People will talk about this one for years to come.

Sarah and Gail Appear in "King and I"
Like their parents did more than 30 years ago, Sarah Fong and Gail Nakano took the stage in the Sacramento Music Circus "King and I."

Jamie and Valerie Debut in Alameda Production of "Annie"
The father and daughter duo showed their hidden talents in this summer. "I couldn't believe my eyes," said Mira Nakano, "Uncle Jamie dancing and singing like a Broadway veteran. What nerve!"


Teddy Mario Fong
Born November 18, 2000