Cousins Arrive In Alameda for A Week of Learning and Fun

July 15, 2001, Alameda, CA. Fong Camp got off to a great start this year. No sooner did they arrive at Uncle Jamie's house, they were off to an exciting treasure hunt. Up and down Bay Farm Island, they looked for clues that would lead them to a chest full of cold treats. They searched pay phones, electrical boxes, even a wooden dock on the lagoon.The clues were the most clever in recent years, "I'm asleep all day and awake all night, and my number is twice the number of Fong Bees minus one." The secret location was lamp post 31.

Fong Camp Schedule

With so many things to do, there was never dull moment at Fong Camp. Morning, noon and night offered something new and exciting.


Return of the Hula Bees

The Hula Bees appear in their first music video. Rock City on Mount Diablo provided the perfect backdrop.