Analysis and Commentary



For the price, view, convenience and for the suites, the Ohana Reef Lanai cant be beat. The hospitality suite was the modern day equivalent of Popos House. People came in and out from everywhere all day and night long. The suites were spacious and the balcony connection to make one big suite was wonderful. The hallway connection to Yin Yins room with the phone was an added bonus. Although the parking spaces at the hotel were small, it sure was convenient. It was just a short walk from your car to the hotel elevator. No parking at some big hotel parking garage and taking the elevator to the hotel lobby, then walking to the hotel elevator, then up to your room, then winding around the hallway till you get to your room.

Ground Transportation

For flexibility and combined with walkie talkies the twelve cars that we rented worked out perfectly. But the best mode of transportation for the week was by far the Trolley.


Penthouse suite dinners ruled! Delicious, convenient, million dollar view, excellent company, kids can run around and make all the noise they want, no reservations required. The most memorable meal was our first nights meal from Rainbow Drive In. After a long plane ride, moving luggage and kids around all day, and an afternoon at the beach, a hearty meal of barbecue beef, mahi mahi, chicken, macaroni salad, green salad, and rice with gravy all over with a million dollar view hit the spot.

Halekulani Hotel House Without a Key Convenient, relaxing, and excellent music and hula. Food was great except service was slow at one table. But if you have to get stuck at a restaurant for an extra hour or so with its outdoor dining by the water, and music, the Halekulani is a great place to get stuck at. The Hula Bees rocked.

Uncle Dannys Farm ranked right up there with our first Rainbow Drive In balcony meal. Hungry, excited, and thirsty, pulling into the farm was like pulling into an oasis. The food prepared by Leonard, Gerri, Aunty Amy, Uncle Danny, and Maureen was the best on the windward side. Vincents melon bars added an exclamation mark to the meal. The after lunch stroll around the farm was unlike any tourist attraction on the island. It was way better than the Dole Pineapple plantation.


For the price, Suntrips cant be beat. The wide body DC-10 jet with plenty of headroom was excellent. Meals could have been much more heartier, but with Sandras and Russells parents pre boarding lunch before our trip back and a healthy supply of cracked seed and kakimochi, the trip back was no problem. The seating assignments on the way back was great fun and the seating on the way there wasnt too bad after all even though it was a little bit of a hassle. Suntrips needs to get rid of the stickers, turn on their computers, and get with the 21st century.


Waimanalo Beach By far the most fun beach on the island. Worth being stung by a man-of-war for.

Hanauma Bay Excellent scenery and fish. Kind of a windy day when we went, but still an execellent place to hang out and see the fish.

Waimea Bay The most relaxing beach on the island with excellent snorkeling.

Aloha Flea Market One big buggah. Good cracked seed. Shave ice lame, but great on a hot day.

Trolley Ride and Lunch at The Yee Farm The best 5 hour tour ever!

Uncle Alfreds Party Picture Perfect. Excellent show!

Hike to Diamond Head hot and kind of tiring, but it had the best view on the island. Definitely worth going on.

Hawaii Relatives

The best ever! It was very nice to visit with all of them again, spend time at the beach with their kids, go on the trolley ride, put on a show with them, and bum around.


Good that we went since most of us have never been to one, but it could have been much better if it were held outside. But what can they do if it is raining geckos and mongeese one hour before Luau time. The pig was EXCELLENT! Fun as usual to ride the bus together. Jokes on the bus were cool.

Funniest Moment

The Hawaii Five-O skit.

Best Snack

Maureens chex mix kakimochi (Ralston Purina meets Ajinimoto)

Most Tense Moment

Frantically searching for Sandras accordion music that mysteriously blew away at Uncle Alfreds party just minutes before her performance.

Strangest Thing That Ever Happened

Ye Ye sat on Linnea because her Hawaiian dress camoflauged her in the flower pattern of the sofa in the hotel suite living room. Fortunately the two just kind of sink into the soft couch and she was okay.

Best Food to Eat After Getting Trashed by a Big Wave at Waimanalo

Gerris Spam Musubi.

The Best Extras

The trolley stop at the Pali Lookout (its always fun to do things that youre not supposed to)

The Hula Bees performing at the Halekulani Hotel

Lizzzies Hula with the Hula Bees

Friday Night Fireworks

Ti leaf lei making

Dead rat in the 5 gallon bucket of water at Uncle Dannys farm

Big cockroaches scampering around the street in front of Uncle Alfreds house.


Special thanks to the following Fong Tour 2000 sponsers:

The Fong Club transportation, culinary, and organizational services

Yin Yin and Ye Ye transportation and culinary services

Mira and Russell Nakano transportation and culinary services

Harriet and Roy Nakano Ti leaf lei making; sushi, sushi, and more sushi!

Uncle Danny and Auntie Amy lunch at the farm (and Sunday dinner), fruits, snacks, etc.

Uncle Alfred and Auntie Lizzz big party on Saturday, fruits, snacks, etc.

Maureen and Pui Lam lunch at the farm, chex kakimochi, donuts, trolley treats, etc.

Gerri and Leonard Kam lunch at the farm, seafood appetizer tray, etc.

Vincent Yee appetizers, snacks, drink run, etc.

Ted Fong Fong Tour 2000 Tee Shirts, photography and Web site services

Joefong luggage tags, identification badges, banner, internet services

Hilton Hawaiian Village Pyrotechnics commemorating Fong Tour 2000

Auntie Tuey beef jerkey!

The Mithuns trolley treats

Sandra Lee Honolulu airport lunch

Ryan Lee general services

All other relatives, friends, and tour members not listed above who helped out

The Honolulu Advertiser media coverage

The Fong Bee media coverage


Fong Tour 2000 was one of the best weeks that the we have ever had. Fong Tour 2000 will be very difficult, if not impossible to beat. It just doesnt get any better. In future years we will continue to have great and enjoyable Fong Tours, but this one will go down in Fong History as being one of the best ever! Its been fun, kids!