Run and Hide, If You Can

Sunnyvale (FPI) , June 3, 2001. 1326 Alridge Drive, after a thirty year hiatus, „German War Campš officially returned to the Fong Family. Adding a new twist to an old game, perched atop Mira and Russell‚s second floor balcony and armed with a high intensity rechargeable lantern given to Russell twenty years ago by his father, Uncle Jamie slowly scoured the dark and vast Sunnyvale prison courtyard for „prisoners of warš scampering between the bushes and darting behind the trees, and below the planters. Unlike the war camp of thirty years ago, there were no beds to slide and hide under and no closets to pack into. But this new location brought other challenges unto itself. With vast distances to cover, the prisoners had to be extra quick and extra cunning. Little Jamie soon found out what his early predecessors endured at Lake Tahoe as he was relentlessly being chased back and forth around the entire backyard by „the spotlight.š And unlike today‚s new high tech video games, there were no „joy sticks,š computer monitors, or cartridges and the only batteries required were those in the flashlight. Just good old fashioned running around the backyard with your cousins. Other prisoners included Gail, Erin, Dana, Gordon, Valerie, and Linnea. Stalag 17 lives on.