"King and I" Continued...

King and I Lives Up to Family Tradition

It was audition day. The Fong kids lined up outside the music room. The director's assistant called them in one-by-one to sing their song. After the last Fong auditioned, Uncle Jamie asked the musical director to hear a group song, "Sacramento." He thought to himself, "You gotta have a gimmick, and this is it." Intrigued by the offer, the director motioned over to the kids to come back in. It was a package deal - they had their own accompanist, Uncle Teddy. The Fongs gave their rousing performance and immediately big smiles from the director and his staff.

In the end two Gail Nakano and Sarah Fong were chosen to be in the show. Not bad, considering a couple hundred kids tried out. The other Fong Kids who tried out for the show included Makenzie, Linnea, Dana, and Lisa. But the competition was just too stiff. On the day of the tryout, agressive show moms circled the audition hall in search of the scarce roles. It was tough going for all, but a good experience. "The secret to being selected was to sing loud and play the "twin card." She and her cousin Sara dressed alike, even had similar ponytails. No King and I would be complete without a set of twins."

Opening night attracted family from far and near. Gail and Sarah were jumping with excitement. As their parents and Uncles sat in the audience, they could only reminisce about the days they were in the same show more than thirty years ago.