Teddy Mario Gets Baptized

Washed With Water, Sprinkled With Oil

February 25, 2001, Alameda, CA. It almost sounds like a recipe for a Russell Nakano salad. Far from it. Today, Theodore Mario Fong became baptized into the Catholic church at Saint Joseph's Basilica, located in the heart of Alameda. Parents, friends, and family affirmed their support for God's newest child in a moving half-hour ceremony.

Joey and Mimi Limbo traveled the farthest, arriving in Alameda from Los Angeles the day before. "I never miss a nephew or neice getting baptized, especially if it's Maya's kid." Their two children CJ and Joshua were delighted as ever to see their cousins Maxwell and Nina after a three month hiatus. Uncle Edwin also made the trip with them.

Other attendees included Jamie, Liz, Valerie, Little Jamie, Johnny, and Chris. The day's activities started with brunch at East Ocean Restaurant on Webster Street, Maya's favorite Chinese restaurant. The cacaphony of customers screaming in Cantonese against a backdrop waiters throwing down dim sum dishes gave the Fong guests every assurance that today's meal would be the real thing. And it was. Even Nina ate every last noodle on her plate.

Following lunch, the group drove three miles south to Saint Joe's church and high school. Arriving a half-hour early, they took a tour of Uncle Jamie chemistry class. Uncle Jamie proceeded with a twenty-minute, eye-popping demonstatation of everyday chemicals at work. "Now class," he started, "Do not do this at home." Right.

His first "trick" made a small pile of soap foam expand into an evacuated chamber. Mr. Fong provided graphic narration, "Boys and girls, here comes the blob!" CJ, Maxwell, Jamie, and Nina were amazed into silence. Valerie was a little more skeptical, "Ah, my dad does that one all the time."

After the "class" was over (everyone got A's), the group headed to the church to watch Teddy Mario's baptism conducted by Father Jermiah Holland. There were eight babies getting baptized, Mario being the last. Only one of them screamed throughout the water and oil treatment. Guess who.

Following the baptism, the family headed over to Starbucks at South Shore to fuel up before the long drive home.