Ted and Marielle Talk Turkey, Then Go There

For months, they'd been daring each other to take an exotic vacation somewhere. On March 1, 2001, Ted, Marielle and Mario finally set out for Turkey on a seven-day odyssey.

Although the name may betray its storybook image, Turkey is the place where one's imagination and reality sync up pretty well.

Ted and Marielle bring you scenes of Turkey. The amateur shutterbugs photographed faces, buildings, food, and ancient relics like you've never seen them before.

Beware the Carpet Salesman
Hawaii has ABC Stores, Turkey has carpet stores. There's no escaping the long arm of the carpet salesman in what amounts to legalized stalking.

Fongs Conquer Ephesus
Ted and Marielle visit the city where Mary and Apostle John once lived and where the great trade routes of Asia and Europe intersected. The Greek and Roman ruins tell a fascinating story of ancient life in the fast lane.

Everyone's a Millionaire
Shelling out one million lira for a bottle of beer seems crazy. What's one to do with all this Turkish money anyway?