Fong Bee Number 18 Born on August 18, 2003!
Made in the Philippines, Leland Diego Valdez Fong enters the world amidst great excitement.
    Merry Christmas from the Philippines
The intrepid Fongs go into business, buy a 12-passenger van and send their kids to Filipno schools. MORE
    Fongs Meet in Hong Kong
Jamie and Teddy's families rendezvous in HK for four days of fun, food and ferries. MORE
    Ted and Marielle Move to the Philippines
Following the implosion of the high-tech economy, these veteran marketeers try their luck in the Philippines. MORE
    A Mary Poppins Fong Camp
Fong kids from far and near came to Alameda for Fong Camp 2002. Their production of Mary Poppins brought new meaning to "family entertainment." MORE
    Hong Yee Turns 80!
Fongs converge on Sacramento for another big birthday blowout as Hong Yee reaches ripe old age. MORE
    Nakano and Fong in Concert
The Harker School's Spring Concert features an uncle and niece musicans. Cello section dominates Themes from James Bond and Les Miserable. MORE
    Fong Family 2002 Calendar Is Here
The 2002 Calendar is here. Keep track of birthdays and anniversaries. See your favorite pictures from last year. If you have enough bandwidth, you can download a high-resolution printable version. MORE
    Watch Ted and Marielle's Holiday Movie
Directed by acclaimed gadget man JoeFong, this music video delivers high-tech Christmas cheer. Join Ted, Marielle, Maxwell, Nina and Mario as they take a stroll though J Street Mall. Enjoy the sights and sounds. MORE






Fong Camp 2002 invites all Hula Bees to be in a special production of Mary Poppins. MORE