Lisa and Uncle Teddy Play in Harker School Orchestra

May 2, 2002, San Jose, CA - The Harker School Orchestra received critical acclaim as its young musicians and their family members performance side-by-side. The two and a half hour program featured the school's concert band, jazz band, choir, string ensemble, and full orchestra.

Lisa Nakano played first and only cello in the string ensemble. Later in the evening, she was joined by her Uncle Teddy in the full orchestra. The program included Shanandoah, James Bond, Star Wars, Somewhere in Time, and Les Mesirables.

"I was delighted when Lisa asked me to be her stand partner. I hadn't played in a school orchestra for more than twenty years, but it all came back. It was like riding a bike," say Uncle Teddy.

"Uncle Teddy kept asking me where all the cello solos were," said Lisa. "I told him he'd probably have to make some up."

Uncle Teddy attended two of the four rehearsals. He noted that, while the kids did not have orchestra as regular class, they are able to meet once week and practice very intensely. Their conductor, Mr. Scannel, reminded him of his brother, Doug. "He's very driven - almost a slave driver - but he get good results," he said. "Also, Lisa N. did really well. She's come a long way on the cello and she enjoys playing. What more can you ask?"

About 150 people attended the concert including Curtis, Rita, Erin, Gordon, BJ, Chris, Mira, Russell, Gail, Marielle, Nina, Maxwell and Teddy Mario. The whole evening harkened back to the days of Sam Brannan Jr. High School. One could expect Mr. Kuhn to show up any minute.