Dearest Family and Friends,

Merry Christmas!!! We've finally decided that we won't have the time to send Christmas cards this year; instead, we are going the more direct way.....e-mail right into your home. It is now Christmas Eve 2002 at 7:45pm and by 8:30pm this Christmas

Greeting will be in your home, in your computer. It has indeed been a roller-coaster of a year, not only for the stock market, but for many of our lives, some good news, some not so good news. But the best news is that we have survived it, some way or another, and we look forward to the New Year 2003 to bring us lots of Love and Cheer!!!

Once again, we have been very fortunate to have very steady jobs, James and Lizzzie are 'still' doing the same things day in and day out, it may sound somewhat monotonous and boring, but nowadays, to be stable is a blessing and we are very thankful for that. But, it has not been such a 'boring' year after all:

*For spring break we rented an RV home and drove to the Grand Canyon, it was a most exciting experience, we even got to spend time with our friend Kin Bobby and meet his cute daughter Morgan ( Lori and Kindra: we missed you !! ).

*Our daughter Valerie was in the cast of the Sound of Music at the Woodminster Amphitheater in Oakland, she played Marta. Of course, we were very proud of her accomplishment and most wonderful performance. Hope those of you who were able to watch her show enjoyed it as much as she enjoyed performing it for you.

*Once again, Valerie was priviledged to be in the cast of The King and I at the Alameda Civic Light Opera (a much grander production than her debut in 1997 at the Encinal High School production of the King and I). This time she was honored to play the part of Princess YingYaoLak.

*Fong Camp 2002 was another big success with all of the Fong Kids performing Mary Poppins. Who would have guessed our Fong kids could sing and dance that way!!

*In November we spent one week in Hong Kong. Our first visit to Hong Kong and visit with some of Lizzzie's Kuan relatives. It was a most wonderful experience to get to know them and establish a relationship with them. The city itself was spectacular, a very busy and noisy place, but leave it to the Chinese to make it well organized and be able to move millions of people in a small area very efficiently...we were impressed. Attached is a picture of us in front of Hong Kong harbor, with Kowloon in the background.

Now, a summary of our kids'achievements (yeah,yeah,here we go again!).... Valerie is in the fourth grade and getting A's, enjoying her piano and voice lessons, soccer, violin, and kungfu (she is now a green/black belt). Jamie is in the second grade and doing very well, his favorite subject is math and science (you could have guessed that!) and his worst subject is 'penmanship'...we're working on it,though. But he is doing excellent work with everything else, he enjoys his piano and violin lessons (not like his daddy,at his age), soccer, and kungfu (he is now a green belt).

Without making this 'Christmas Letter' too long, let us end it by wishing all of you a very Merry Christmas and our very Best Wishes for a Great New Year 2003!

Love always,

Liz, James, Valerie and Jamie Fong