Fong Camp Meets Mary Poppins

Hey Cyberbees!

Iām putting the final pieces of the musical workshop for Fong Camp 2002 together and I just wanted to make sure that everyone was "in." We will be putting on a musical production on "Mary Poppins" complete with acting, singing, dancing, costumes, sound, lights, and a live audience of relatives and friends for the final performance. Here are a few rough, unfinalized details:

Dates: Sunday, June 16 - Sunday, June 23. Final Performance on Sun. Jun 23 approx. 11:00am Workshop Location: Dance 10 Studio, Alameda Tentative Workshop Times: 10am ö 2:00pm daily Cost: $150 - $200 per child (I think·havenāt finalized it yet). Before going through the trouble of finalizing things and making a firm commitment to the studio, I just wanted confirm that all the kids would be "committed to the cause." In order to have a decent production, we will need at least a dozen dedicated kids who will be able to attend all of the workshops. Other than Lisa, who starts summer school on June 19, and Erin who may or may not miss her last two days of school, (school is a waste of time my girl·you belong in the puppet show!) it appears as though all of the other "Bees" should be able to be fully committed. Can you please confirm this now or at least by February 14? I am scheduled to meet with Pam Drake in the middle of February to iron out the details if we wish to proceed. I have spoken to her earlier and she has agreed to take on the job.

This workshop should be excellent for the kids. It should be very enjoyable for them and also a great vehicle for them to work together towards a common goal. Parts and scripts will be assigned prior to Fong Camp so the kids can learn their lines before the workshop even starts. This will give us a head start since this same workshop usually runs two weeks instead of one. All Fong Campers will have good parts and be in most of the scenes. As always, Fong Camp 2002 will need at least one, preferable two additional adults to help out with driving, cooking, cleaning, etc. each day of the program. So if you see the glass as "half full," and want to be a facilitator of "the cause," now is the time to sign up to take some days off from work and join Fong Camp 2002. You can help out with the entire week or just a few days or even just one day. It will be a lot of fun for you too. Fong Camp·Itās not just a job·itās a cause.

We are also looking for "orchestra pit" members. We are going to try to get a small combo to accompany the kids for some of the songs. You would not have to attend all of the rehearsals. Maybe just the last three and some practices in the evening. How about a cello solo?

We are also planning a "cameo" appearance by all the uncles to be the bankers around the table in "the bank scene with old man Banks." So if you can plan your schedule accordingly to make the last two or three rehearsals it would be a cool thing for you guys to do. Can you please confirm with us now or at least by February 14 whether or not your kids are "in?" Thanks!

Uncle Jamie